extractor fan

extractor fan
/əksˈtræktə fæn/ (say uhks'traktuh fan)

exhaust fan.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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  • extractor fan — UK US noun [C] UK (US exhaust fan) ► WORKPLACE a piece of equipment that removes dust, unpleasant smells, etc. from the air : »Extractor fans and hard wired smoke detectors must be installed in new housing to comply with Building Regulations …   Financial and business terms

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  • Extractor hood — An extractor hood (U.K.) or range hood (U.S.), also known as a kitchen hood, stove hood, exhaust hood, cooker hood, extraction hood, cooking canopy, ventilation hood, extractor fan or electric chimney, is a device containing a fan that hangs… …   Wikipedia

  • extractor — UK [ɪkˈstræktə(r)] / US [ɪkˈstræktər] noun [countable] Word forms extractor : singular extractor plural extractors 1) extractor or extractor fan a piece of equipment that removes hot or wet air or unpleasant smells from a room 2) a piece of… …   English dictionary

  • extractor — [[t]ɪkstræ̱ktə(r)[/t]] extractors 1) N COUNT An extractor or extractor fan is a device that is fixed to a window or wall to draw smells, steam, or hot air out of a room. [mainly BRIT] (in AM, use ventilator) 2) N COUNT: with supp An extractor is… …   English dictionary

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  • extractor hood — noun An electrical kitchen device fitted over a cooker and connected to a flue designed to suck off any vapours from cooking. Syn: cooker hood, cooking canopy, electric chimney, exhaust hood, extraction hood, extractor fan, fume extractor,… …   Wiktionary

  • extractor — n. 1 a person or machine that extracts. 2 (attrib.) (of a device) that extracts bad air etc. or ventilates a room (extractor fan; extractor hood) …   Useful english dictionary